Privacy Policy

The following sections of the Privacy Policy are applied to the use you make of the “Trotties” application, which is offered by means of the “TrueDepth” technology by Apple to use the information from your device’s camera and process the photograph which you take, with the possibility of adding special effects to the photo as you desire.

The “Trotties” app allows the use of the information in the following ways:

Information from the front or back camera of your device. The “Trotties” app uses colour images and detailed information from your front camera (TrueDepth camera) which allows you to see your face in 3D. If you click on the camera icon to save your face in 3D, binary archives will be generated of the colour image and the detailed information, and will be saved in the history of your app for subsequent use. For example: you may review your face in 3D at a later date. Only you may access the saved archive.

These data will only be saved on the devices. Famosa does not compile any data, including images, for its subsequent use. Famosa does not have a server to compile this data, nor does it have a way of generating back-up copies for any other purpose. You are responsible for saving your own photos.

Famosa does not provide a user interface to share information which you generate using the “Trotties” app.

Famosa does not access, store or share your images of any other data on you.

Famosa does not store the user information. All information (such as images and sounds) are stored on your devices. Only the user may access these archives.